Utility Savings & Environment Solutions for Commercial & Residential

Utility Savings & Environment Solutions for Commercial & Residential

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Utility Savings, Cost Reduction & Environmental Solutions

We are all utility users and most of us pay too much for the services we use, be it gas, electricity, oil, phone, broadband or mobile. MOST that is, not ALL! Some are clients of R&J Solutions and save significant sums on their bills AT NO COST TO THEMSELVES


Personal Customer Service

Our personal service sets us apart from the rest because we believe in building long lasting relationships and not just quick fixes.

Passionate about saving you money

We are passionate about helping you save money and will always recommend the best deal even if it means staying where you are.

Always willing and able to help

We are always willing and able to help in any way we can, when on the rare occasion something goes awry rather than pass you on to someone else we try and sort it out.

wealth of experience

Our wealth of experience in the market place makes it easier for us to place you where you can get the best value for money, saving you in the long term.


let your shopping pay for your utility bills

Helping you or your business save money and energy

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